Jan 21, 2020

Healthy Bulldogs: Considering counseling? Here’s what to expect

Everyone faces challenges in life at some point. Maybe you look at these challenges as opportunities to learn, and you grow from them. But what if you become overwhelmed and don’t recognize that you might benefit from some professional help?

The academic demands of being a student can compete with spending time with friends and family, who are typically our support systems. You might also have increased worries about finances or have family issues that can impact your academic performance.  

For some students, loneliness or a complicated relationship can be difficult to cope with. These are only a few examples of situations that can eventually, if not addressed, negatively impact your mental and physical health.

Going to counseling is a healthy way to face your problems and can help you find solutions.

As a student, you are learning new information all the time, but have you noticed that learning can be difficult when you cannot focus or retain that information? Counseling is a safe and confidential space to get the help you need.

While many students know the importance of maintaining a healthy outlook, sometimes it is difficult when you are faced with complex problems. You may reach out to friends and family for support by sharing your challenges, but they may not always provide enough help or understanding.

Prioritizing your health and basic needs, such as rest and proper nutrition, are key factors in maintaining a positive outlook and can impact how you handle stress.

At Fresno State’s Student Health and Counseling Center, we have many options to address your mental health needs, including case management services to help with your basic needs. If you feel good, you can perform better in academics, at your place of employment and in your own relationships.

So what if your usual efforts don’t make you feel better when you feel stressed, fatigued, irritable and are having trouble focusing? Counseling can be a healthy option to prioritize your well-being, learn more about yourself and harness your personal strengths.

When you think of people in your life who you feel really care about you, what is it about them that makes you feel like you can trust and rely on them for guidance and support? Usually, it’s when someone truly listens and is nonjudgmental.  

That is what counseling can be. When you meet with the counselor, you will have the opportunity to share your concerns, ask questions and develop personal goals in a confidential setting.

Counseling can help with so many aspects of your life, including identifying areas for growth, developing self-awareness, learning to problem solve through challenges and in making choices that support your goals.

You have the ability to manage your own life. Counseling is just a place where you can get that support as you work toward your academic and personal goals in life.

For more about counseling services available at the Student Health and Counseling Center, visit: www.fresnostate.edu/health or call 559-278-2734.

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