Nov 21, 2019
Photo provided by Fresno State student photographer

Healthy Bulldogs: Shedding light on domestic violence and services available on campus

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC) is collaborating with the Marjaree Mason Center and the Cross Culture and Gender Center to host several events aimed at raising awareness and providing support and services to students.

Sometimes we try to solve our own problems, and, for the most part, self-reliance is a sign of personal strength.

However, there are times when keeping our problems to ourselves, especially if there is physical and emotional harm involved, can be overwhelming and frightening.

Reaching out for support to figure out what options you have is brave and can be done in a confidential way on campus.

Inside of the SHCC, you can meet with a confidential survivor advocate.  

Advocates are there to listen and provide options. They do not tell you what to do, and the interaction remains completely confidential.

Facing the truth of your circumstance, past or present, takes bravery, and we understand it can be hard to acknowledge that you need help.

The survivor advocate understands how confusing these situations can be.

We know that students have many responsibilities, including school, work, family and friends.

Feeling safe and supported is important. If you are experiencing or have experienced any form of abuse or something that was traumatic and you are unsure how to handle it, we can help.

We want to make sure our students know that there is help for them, even if the abuse took place before coming to Fresno State. Graduation is the goal, but a student’s safety, health and well-being is our priority.

Our confidential advocate provides trauma-informed care.  

The student will meet with the advocate in a safe, welcoming and confidential space and will be offered a range of resources to help the student get the support needed.

We also understand that trauma can impact your mental health, so the student can be referred to the SHCC or other agencies, including the Marjaree Mason Center or Rape Counseling Services for counseling, legal assistance and group support.  

When life gets complicated, we need to make sure to prioritize ourselves and make sure that our well-being is our focus.

Self-care is central to your success, but for many students, focusing on the needs of others is common and can lead to unhealthy relationships.

Healthy relationships with peers and significant others may not always happen without setting good boundaries. Please reach out for support. We are here to offer education and resources to help.

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, you are invited to join us in wearing purple on Thursday, Oct. 25, and gathering in solidarity at the fountain at noon for a group photo.  

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