These glowing headphones play party music for hundreds of Fresno State students

Students fill dance floor at Satellite Student Union, Fresno State on Thursday, Sept. 7 (Jose Romo/The Collegian)

Crowds of students began forming outside of the Satellite Student Union (SSU) on Thursday as they waited for University Student Union Productions to open the doors for their Headphone Glow Party event.

Walking past a fun bubble machine by the sliding doors, a long line of eager students began grabbing some headphones before going inside of the building.

After getting an entrance ticket, signing waiver forms, receiving wristbands and learning some more information about what USU Productions does, students were able to head inside and choose three different DJs to listen to on the channels of their headphones.

Many students came in smalls groups but single attendees also came to join in the fun.

Walking into the main room of the Satellite Student Union, students seemed excited and in awe at the variety of games, decorations and glow sticks on the disco dance floor. Lights illuminated every corner.

Foosball tables, mini golf, giant-sized jenga, dart boards, ping pong tables and shuffleboard tables that glowed in the dark were available so students could challenge each other.

If that wasn’t enough, there was a big dance floor to show off dance moves. Getting the party started, one of the DJs played the electric slide song to get people moving and laughing together.

Though slow-going at first, students began piling onto the dance floor and singing their favorite songs in unison as more and more students came streaming inside to the event. Within an hour of the event beginning, there were already over 100 people inside of the building, while long lines of students still waited outside.

Some other fun dances that students participated in were forming a conga line, hugging each other and swaying in beat to the music, as well as forming small circles to let single students show off their dance moves to the crowds.

Some freshmen said they enjoyed the type of music being played, along with having the choice to listen to three different stations whenever they wanted to. A few juniors and seniors also chimed in that they enjoyed how many games were available for students to play and that the event was free for everyone.

The overall count of students who attended totaled more than 500. This is the second time USU Productions has put on this event.

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