Feb 24, 2020
Photography by Jorge Rodriguez/The Collegian

ASI At A Glance: New priorities made for the school year

Hello Fellow Students,

Last week, ASI had our second Senate meeting of the school year and a lot was accomplished. To begin, Christopher Rodriguez was appointed as the new Senator for Parking and Safety. Knowing how important both of those topics are, we are very excited to get moving forward with new projects to improve both parking and safety for students.

Many students at large were also appointed to committees. If you are interested in joining, make sure you apply soon while there are still spots left! The last thing you should know is that we have made plans to initiate our priorities for the year, which will guide many of our projects.

Our first priority is to increase access to and awareness of campus and ASI resources. Fresno State continuously creates impressive resources for students; however, they are often underutilized. This year, ASI would like to make both our own and campus-wide resources more accessible, as well as help students become more informed about them.  We also want to actively work to improve upon these resources to help fulfill students’ basic needs and promote productivity.

Secondly, there is constant concern from Fresno State students about their personal safety, both on and off campus. ASI wants to focus on increasing students’ sense of security as they come to school each day by improving safety measures on campus and in the surrounding areas.

Improving campus climate and school pride is another top priority of ours. This year, ASI wants to foster a sense of community and belonging among students when they walk onto Fresno State’s campus. ASI would like to promote student success and increase campus involvement. By creating a more engaged student body, we can enhance the overall college experience and make students WANT to come to school.  

ASI wants students to be prepared for their future endeavors. We want to promote comprehensive student development through career readiness and post-graduation success. Additionally, we want to make sure that students participate in civic engagement on a local, state and federal level to ensure that they are well-rounded members of their community.

Lastly, as college students, we can sometimes overlook our own health on a physical, mental and emotional level. By actively promoting programs that address these areas, ASI hopes to increase overall student wellness. ASI would also like to promote sustainability on campus so that our resources can be preserved for future students.

Have a great week and remember, never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or just want to talk.

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