Jan 17, 2020
Andrew Janz, candidate for U.S. District 22, visited Fresno State on Thursday Sept. 27 (Jose Romo, The Collegian)

Andrew Janz says ‘future of planet’ depends on young voters

Tables for political candidates of congressional and state assembly districts lined side by side in the Free Speech Area Thursday.

Representatives gave out information about issues that matter to respective candidates and why students should care about those same issues, like healthcare and water.

For U.S. District 22, Democrat Andrew Janz, who is running against Republican incumbent Devin Nunes, made an appearance to meet with students and reach out to the Fresno State community. The university is in the middle of District 22.

“The future of this country and the future of this planet is at stake and 18 to 25 year olds are the ones that are going to inherit this mess that we have now,” Janz said in a brief interview with The Collegian.

Other candidates running for U.S. State Assembly in Districts 23 and 31, Aileen Rizo and Lupe Espinoza, discussed other important issues about necessary changes in the importance of education’s access to the community and transparency of legislatures to the public.

The visiting campaigns included republican and democratic parties. Students spoke with candidates who are involved in and around Fresno, providing them with full representation of students that come from far and near.

Associated Students, Inc. also contributed to providing voter registration forms to students while Piper Walker, from the College Democrats, and Nick Matoian, from the College Republicans, held a public debate about what Measure A and Prop 6 will do. Prop 6 proposes to repeal the Road Repair and Accountability Act, also known as the gas tax. Measure A would provide more funding for emergency services.

To inform students about the importance of what a public debate provides to the community and Fresno State campus, Piper and Matoian said it’s important to have civil discourse between students and let everyone have a chance to get the full view of all the facts.

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