Projects ‘come to life’ at BFA portfolio show

Attendees check out the portfolio booths of graphic design majors during the 2018 BFA Portfolio Show at the Conley Art Gallery on May 4, 2018. (Ramuel Reyes/The Collegian)

Years of studying and designing came to a close for some aspiring creators.

Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program culminated the school year with a portfolio of work and brands they have developed as art students and displalyed them in the “Elevate 2018 BFA Portfolio Show.”

Friends, family and agencies looking to hire came to the Conley Art Gallery on Friday to see what creations were done by students in the BFA program’s three options: graphic design, illustration and interactive multimedia design.

Students were given a section of the gallery to set up a booth to showcase what pieces of work or projects they were presenting.

Each booth had an elaborate theme that reflected the student’s personality and work.

Iridiane Robles, a student majoring in graphic design, displayed designs she created for hot sauce bottles and a catalog she compiled of African-Americans who have served in the military.

Robles said she likes that graphic design provides her with a way to make her ideas more tangible.

“You can have a vision and once you start working on it and see it come together, it’s just really satisfying,” Robles said. “I like to make it come to life.”

Carla Santiago, also a graphic design student, displayed a portfolio of her designs as well as typography she designed for a beer bottle label.

Santiago said for her, graphic design serves as a platform to show others who she is.

“I love the freedom that it gives you to express yourself,” Santiago said. “And then have people look at it — when they like it, it’s such an amazing feeling.”

While there were pieces in the form of print art, there were also pieces presented digitally.

Beth Izard, a student majoring in illustration, showed attendees her animation work on a screen. It showed a brief cartoon clip of a woman’s face blinking, winking and looking from side to side against a backdrop of a starry night sky.

“I love the challenge of coming up with a creative solution,” Izard said.

Madison Samora, majoring in graphic design, displayed a 360-degree image gallery that allowed viewers to see images of her hometown of Oakhurst.

Attendees were welcomed to hold an iPhone and move it from side to side, which showed a range of images on a larger screen. The photos were taken near the mountains and showcased different elements of the Central Valley nature scene.

Samora said she appreciates that, through technology, she can show people a piece of the town she treasures.

“It puts people in a space they might not be totally familiar with,” Samora said. “Most people would never come in contact with that.”

The “Elevate 2018 BFA Portfolio Show” runs through May 11 at the Phebe Conley Art Gallery.

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