My time is up, but the memories will last forever

Reporter Nugesse Ghebrendrias

You know, I never thought I’d get hired at The Collegian. Coming in, I didn’t have much experience in journalism – if any.

I didn’t come from a high school or community college newspaper. A combination of forum writing and self-determination propelled me early on.

It was an incredible feeling. My name in bold letters just underneath the weekly sports headline. How cool is that?

Although, it was a far cry from where I used to be.

For years I struggled with my future. Was it biology? Maybe pharmacy? The indecision set me back. I used to spend hours at Clovis Community College stressing about why I couldn’t figure it out.

I always told myself, once I get to Fresno State I know I’ll find my purpose – I was right.

Writing never became a reality until I started at the Madera Tribune, then The Collegian shortly thereafter.

I look back at the games covered and the questions asked, and I realize how lucky I was over the past year and a half.

I was fortunate to witness history as the Bulldogs erased a disappointing 2016 season on the gridiron for a remarkable 10-4 record in 2017. From Derek Carr’s jersey retirement to the Hawaii Bowl victory. In some ways, I was a part of that.

My trip to San Jose was a particular highlight. Yeah, I was there to work. But I was an excited fan just the same. They beat the Spartans in a defense-driven throwback game and returned the famous Milk Can Trophy back to the Valley.

I took the photo for The Collegian as players hoisted the trophy. It was my first time shooting photos and writing the story, but it turned out better than I thought.

What a night that was.

I remember covering the return of Fresno State wrestling. The massive crowds and electrifying energy created a surreal experience. Honestly, I forgot I was working. It was incredible.

I remember traveling to Las Vegas to watch our Bulldogs battle it out in the Mountain West Conference Tournament. Regardless of the fact that they lost and I got two tickets on the way back, the experience was worthwhile – expensive, but worthwhile.

I felt like a professional. I felt like I had reached my goal already.

I never considered it work. We all find our calling. A purpose that we feel we were destined to pursue.

This was it for me.

Combining the love of sports with my preference of writing was truly a match made in heaven. It just came natural to me. Although, there are some sports that still cause me fits – hockey and lacrosse for starters.

I’ve come a long way from my first story, and I know I still have a long way to go. The journey to become the best writer I can be will never end. However, I think it’s important to cherish the steps – no matter how small.

The beginning to my story will always start with Fresno State’s student-run newspaper, and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

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