Jul 09, 2020
Sports editor Vanessa Romo

Ignore the stereotypes, be a sports editor

I didn’t think I would get the position. My friend, Razmik Cañas, the news editor at the time told me to apply for the assistant sports editor position in spring 2017.

With my experience, he thought I could do it. I didn’t.

I had worked for Fresno State athletics, the Fresno Grizzlies, Fresno FC and Fresno Fuego. I played sports my whole life, since I was 4. Softball, volleyball, soccer and competed on a national level in gymnastics.

Every day, I watched baseball with my dad. Every day, he coached me on a play made. I enjoyed those moments. I loved learning about it, watching it and being surrounded by it, in an arena, stadium or on a field. It was my happy place.

But, no matter how much I watched, did, knew and even played, I still felt like it wasn’t good enough.

It was never instilled in me that a woman can not be in sports, but I always knew it was a topic that surrounded the world of sports journalism. That’s why I felt a bit over my head when I applied.

So, just in case, I applied to sports, entertainment and a reporter position, thinking there was no way I would get this.

Come interview time, I was questioned by two guys. They didn’t look like judgemental people, but I felt judged. Like they were laughing at me.

A couple of days later, I got an email and in the subject line “Your Collegian Position.” I opened it, I got the job.

Turns out those two guys weren’t laughing at me in the inside. They weren’t judging me and they never did. They respected me.

Speaking to the previous sports editor, he said was excited to meet me that day. He had seen my resume. He had seen what I can do and knew I was fit for the job.

Fast forward a year later, I am the sports editor, and it has been a journey, but an experience I am grateful for.

I have covered every sport here at Fresno State. Learned about sports I never knew existed. Met players who had hearts of gold, players who became friends and never a player or coach who looked down on me.  

But, I think the most exciting story I covered was my first one: Riding ‘till the end: Two seniors share journey to senior year.

The nerves I experienced were crazy. I studied the sport, the riders, I reviewed everything. But once I got in there, I felt great.

And I have continued to feel great as I covered controversy in the athletic department, coaching changes, budgets, athletes, events and more.

I have stood with sports reporters from other media outlets, FOX 26 Nick King, former ABC30 sports director Tommy Tran, Fresno Bee’s Robert Kuwada and KSEE 24s Julia Lopez. And with them, I felt I belonged. I knew it.

Till this day, it’s still mind-blowing to have thought that I couldn’t do it. I can. I have for a year, even more than that.

Now that I end my reign as sports editor, I say goodbye to the thought that I don’t belong here. I do.

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