How the Collegian shaped my path as a writer

Reporter Michael Ford

Sportswriting has been my passion for many years. Before I came to Fresno State, I had experience doing it at Fresno City College as both a staff writer and sports editor for The Rampage. I was hungry to learn, to improve. Without question, that hunger wasn’t satisfied. Rather I became more ravenous.

So when I graduated from Fresno City in fall 2016, I knew I had to join The Collegian. There was no other option for me.

But due to my own ignorance, I had missed the deadline to apply for the spring 2017 semester. I had to wait until the following fall semester to begin my writing career here. I was stagnant, not improving, and was arguably getting worse.

It was then that I learned my very first lesson: stay on top of deadlines, something that I thought I had learned already. Evidently not.

Getting here was worth it. Although writing at Fresno City was a great experience and a solid foundation for what was to come, being a writer for The Collegian takes you to another level.

This was my first time covering big time college sports. Sure, I had covered football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. while at The Rampage. But I will never forget my first time covering a Bulldogs’ football game. It was an eye-opening experience. Excited, nervous, giddy, all adequate words to describe the feelings that were coursing through my mind.

It wasn’t my first time ever in a press box. I had gone to Fanfest for the San Francisco Giants and sat in one years prior on a tour. This was different, though. I was supposed to be there. I had my press credential, my laptop and my obvious sense of awe. I can only imagine I looked like a complete novice to the seasoned, grisled and veteran scribes in the vicinity.

I will never forget that moment, nor will I forget the first time I covered an NCAA basketball game, volleyball, water polo and lacrosse match during my second semester. These moments hold a special place in my mind and my heart.

Now as I look forward to the next semester, I am both excited and nervous. I will be the fall sports editor, and although it will be a challenge, I know that if others can do it, I can do it. This sports writer is up for the challenge.

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