ASI Notebook: Senator positions will remain the same for next year

Illustration by Kong Thao

The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) senators came together on May 1 for their final spring 2018 semester senate meeting.

Senator positions names and descriptions

One action item was presented to the senate by Sen. Travis Childress, Greek affairs, regarding changes to senator titles. But the vote did not pass and the senate positions will remain the same for the 2018-2019 academic school year.

Childress brought a list of “proposed new senator titles” approved by the Legal Committee including: graduate affairs; resident affairs; athletic and recreational affairs; diversity equity and inclusion; clubs and organizations; international students affairs; Greek affairs; new students; and veteran affairs.

The list included “senator expectations policy” which described the roles and responsibilities of the senators under the new titles. Childress said the new positions would give senators specific focuses.

Sen. Primavera Martinez, undergraduate and graduate affairs, spoke against the action item, stating that it was not “fitting” for the current senate to vote on the title changes. Martinez said those who ran in the March election did so with other titles in mind, and that any changes should have been made prior to elections.

Sen. Sebastian Wenthe, clubs and organizations, said it was fair for the senate to vote on the new position titles since the candidates were not guaranteed their position preferences.

Demi Wack, executive vice president of external affairs and ASI president-elect, supported postponing the vote until next year before elections.

Senator reflections

While the agenda was short, many senators had a few emotional and farewell remarks as graduation is only days away.

“Fresno State is a very special place…” said Brandon Sepulveda, executive vice president, in his report to the senate. “I am honored to have served.”

Cam Patterson, vice president of finance, also reflected on the year. He said he hoped that next year’s senate will work to “build on this progress.”

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