Say yes to everything


There are a lot of reasons to say “no.” Among them are: I could lay in bed instead. I’m terrified. I might not enjoy it or something awful might happen.

But I’m here to tell you that you should say yes to everything.

Well, ok – not everything. But if the title of this blog post was “Say yes to a lot of things! Obviously not immoral things, but there are many things you should say yes to,” it would be a little too long.

When you choose to not partake in something, you miss out on what could be a great experience. It’s vital to live life in a manner that is fulfilling. Open yourself up and allow the entire world to permeate your soul.

Say yes. Say yes to buying the frivolous souvenir or the decadent dessert. Say yes to going somewhere with your friends and going home later than you should.  Say yes to meeting new people and getting to know them. Say yes to the vacation, even if it takes you away from the comfort of your bedroom for the weekend. Say yes to pressing send on a text message that you backspaced and rewrote six times. Maybe even say yes to watching “Say Yes to the Dress” because you don’t know much about the show and have always wondered.

Because guess what? We’re all going to die. Harsh, I know – but I’m not wrong. It’s okay to make mistakes and be irresponsible. One day, you’ll no longer be on Earth to do so.

Personally, there is a myriad of instances in my life in which I said no, but should have said yes. There are clothing items I should have bought and events I should have attended. I should have struck up conversations with people I came across. But life is constantly moving and now – those opportunities are gone.

Leave your house. Do things. Thrive.

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