Is college worth it when the cost is so high?

By: Cameron Leyva

College tuition is a struggle at its finest. With the costs of college being raised year by year at rates at which students can’t afford its clear to see a problem that needs a fix.

In March, the California State University board of trustees was to vote on a tuition increase for undergraduates. Looking at the current tuition rise being at 200 percent, it starts to bring questions on to why they continue to raise costs for college, and how they expect for students like myself to pay for schooling.

Already I can barely afford college and that’s with loans and a job and full-time schooling. Having the tuition rates to continue to increase will only result in problems for students nationwide.

We see that every year more and more students drop out because they simply cannot afford schooling, yet they would like to continue. You begin to think that you own nation wants to achieve better education and advance in your life, but at the cost of what?

We go to schooling to go into thousands of dollars in debt to achieve something other countries allow for free. It raises many questions on freedom and what it means to want to be the best country if everything we need is locked away at high prices.

Camron Leyva studies computer engineering at Fresno State.

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