Increase personal safety with ‘digital spring cleaning’

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The Better Business Bureau is encouraging people to engage in “digital spring cleaning” to better protect their data.

“By conducting a digital spring cleaning and taking care of overdue online maintenance, you will be safer and more secure against losing personal information and becoming a victim of identity theft,” the Better Business Bureau said in a news release.

In September 2017, a data breach affected approximately 148 million Americans – releasing information like Social Security numbers and addresses, according to the news release.

The bureau gave advice on how to maintain one’s electronic records in order to increase personal safety. It stated that individuals should use security methods beyond passwords when possible – such as “biometrics, security keys or a unique one-time code through an app.”

The bureau also said that configuring how mobile apps utilize location settings can increase safety. People can also manage their preferred privacy settings for the websites they use.

In addition, the bureau stated that managing online files can increase safety. This can entail unsubscribing from unwanted emails to making copies of important files. Sensitive information on hard drives and in computer recycling or trash bins should be deleted.

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