Failed a class at Fresno State? Here’s a way to make up for it

The Office of Advising Services is located in the Joyal Administration building. (Roe Borunda/The Collegian)

Fresno State is helping students get a second chance at taking a class they may have failed thanks to the Provost Graduation Initiative.

The grant, provided by the Division of Continuing and Global Education, is now in its third year of existence.

Krista Hall, academic counselor for the College of Arts and Humanities, said the initiative is designed specifically for two groups of students at Fresno State and can be used for the May and June intersession and summer courses.

Hall said the first group is for students who are close to graduating – students with at least 80 units completed are considered close to graduating.

“Let’s suppose someone was supposed to graduate in June and failed a course,” she said. “Now they have to take the class in the summer for another $900 or come back in the fall and pay huge tuition for really just one class.”

Hall said those who are awarded the money could finish in the summer rather than attending the fall semester course.

Rosie Ochoa, who graduated in 2017, said she was able to complete her degree in liberal studies faster due to the program.

“I’m honestly impressed how helpful they are and very formal when it comes to filling out the forms. [They] are really good with responding to any questions one might have,” she said.

Ochoa used the grant to fund the last class that she needed for graduation so that she didn’t have to take a class the following fall semester.

The second group of students who qualify is those who are not close to graduating and do not expect to have their families contribute more than $4,000 to their tuition costs.

To apply in this category, undergraduate students must be in good academic standing with the university, have their coursework approved by an adviser and must provide a one-page narrative describing their financial need.

Senior psychology major Der Yang said that she could use the grant if she does not pass a class she is struggling with this semester.

“I’m on track to graduate this semester, but I am having a really hard time in a class,” Yang said. “I’m hoping this option would allow me to retake the class so that I don’t have to come back [in the fall].”

Students can apply by filling out an application provided by their academic counselor. Those who apply by the April 16 deadline will be given priority consideration.

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