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Why give?

Dear trusted reader, alumni and friend, 

The Collegian has been the go-to source of news and opinions for Fresno State students for 96 years. We hope it continues being there to uncover and report truth at the university for years to come. But we can no longer continue to do it alone. Now, more than ever, we need your help. 

Student newsrooms across the country are facing financial challenges. Many are afraid of losing their financial and editorial independence — and so are we. It seems nobody is talking about this crisis unfolding in our universities, but we intend to make sure you understand the consequences of allowing student newsrooms to suffer. Among them are less trained journalists for tomorrow and much less information getting into your hands so you can make informed decisions. We have joined with more than 100 student newsrooms across the United States for #SaveStudentNewsrooms day to educate our readers why well-funded student newsrooms matter. 

On April 25, we are asking you to consider giving to The Collegian any donation amount you possibly can. Your contribution can make the difference in whether we continue to inform the campus adequately or whether we ignore critical issues facing students, staff, faculty, administrators and even the surrounding community. 

When we are supported by readers like you, we understand that we have an obligation to give you what you paid for. We make ourselves available to hear your feedback on our reporting and when you want us to look into things. We are always trying to improve.

You can make a difference. Thank you for all your help.

What’s being done:

The Collegian has not stood by and allowed the challenges to our operation go unaddressed. We have made changes to how we operate now and for the future, including cutting staff numbers. We want to remain a sustainable operation. And faculty from the Media, Communications and Journalism department at Fresno State have also worked to support our newsroom. You can find that information in the links below.

[NEWS] – Task force examines ways to fix The Collegian’s financial troubles

[OPINION] – Recent changes at The Collegian serve as proof we care about our future

How did we get here?

The Collegian has a steady funding source from a student fee. Those funds help our operation continue. But the truth is that it can only do so much as the cost of operating our newsroom has increased throughout the years. Lately, we have seen our advertising revenue dwindle and our reserve funds diminish. We revealed the crisis to our readers in February. The link is below.

[OPINION] – The free press is not free

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