Nov 12, 2019

Finally! We get new music from Alice in Chains

Band announces near completion of new record this month

It’s been long enough. Me, and tons of those like me, have been waiting anxiously for any news. I am talking of course about Alice in Chains making a new album.

Five long years ago, my all-time favorite band released “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”. The June of 2013 release was an album that returned to some of the band’s grungy, Seattle based roots while still bringing a fresh new sound that didn’t ever become repetitive or boring. I rank it as the better of the two albums with William Duvall as the lead singer and still listen to it to this very day.

But every now and again, I go online to various music publications to find any morsel of information that would give me something to be excited for.

On that note, I have been reading for, God it has to be two years, that the band is “about to get in the studio” or that they have been “jamming” to create some new sound that they can build on and make new tracks.

So imagine the surprise, no the giddiness, that I felt when I read that backup vocalist and one of  two original members of the band remaining Jerry Cantrell said to Guitar World earlier this month that the band has just finished recording their six full-length album.

The as of yet untitled record doesn’t have a definitive release date scheduled currently but Cantrell said that he expected that the record would hit stores sometime this summer.

I can tell you right now, I haven’t been this excited about new music since, well, probably when TDPDH came out. If this record is anything close to what I expect from these guys, I will be rocking out to another Alice classic for years to come.

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