Feb 28, 2020
Photo: Christian Mattos

RIP to my favorite pair of shoes

There are a few staple items in my closet I refuse to ever get rid of, no matter how old or worn out they get.

To name a few of these items: my Jack Wills handbag, my (faux) suede button-up skirt, my All Time Low concert T-shirt and, of course, my brown (most likely also faux) leather combat boots.

But this week, the weather tested my dedication to my favorite wardrobe pieces.

I was among the many victims caught ill-prepared in the rain this week. And I finally understand why people invest in the rubber foot buckets that are rain boots.

The sad thing is, I thought I was dressed appropriately. I thought I was safe from the water completely soaking me. But alas, nothing gold can stay.

I had work at 8 a.m. this Thursday, not too early but still early enough on a rainy day for me to want to just keep sleeping to the soundtrack of the heavy drizzle outside. But like a good employee, I woke up, put on a work-appropriate outfit and some boots to prepare for the weather of the day, and off I went.

And it only took a second standing outside for me to realize just how bad the rain actually was. My entire parking lot was flooded — I’m talking at least 6 inches in the deepest area. And I, being a dummy, thought I could venture through it unscathed.

As if.

I tiptoed into the shallow part of the large puddle leading to my car, and the water rose now 3 inches up my feet. But that didn’t stop me. I took one step further, and the water covered my foot.

I thought my boots would protect me.

I was so very wrong.

Looking into the puddle, seeing the extra 10 feet I had to my car — at least four more steps in the water — I decided to backtrack and walk around the parking lot to my car. This wasn’t much better. I still had to walk through smaller puddles and mud.

And to make matters worse for wear — literally — I felt the water seeping through the soles of my boots and into my own soul, as well.

It was heartbreaking. I knew I would have to get new boots eventually. I figured next fall, it would be time.

I get so attached to my boots. I wear them until they fall apart. My boots tell a story. They’re just kind of my thing. And now I’m afraid to wear these ones for the rest of this rainy season.

I got my last pair of boots in my sophomore year of high school. They had these cute little buckles and a zipper and laces and I wore them almost every day.

Getting rid of them after they’d gotten too torn up was hard, but the pain was alleviated by this new pair. The beautiful lace-up Madden Girl by Steve Madden boots from Macy’s, size 7. Coincidentally, I also purchased these in my sophomore year, but at Fresno State.

Now, they’re at the end of their life cycle, and I’m going to have to go through the torture of yet again searching for the perfect pair of boots.

I like to think I’m not too picky when I’m shopping — I’m in and out of the store as quickly as possible if I don’t see something I like. But with boots, it’s a whole different story. Believe me, boot shopping is a chore unlike any other.

So I’ll wait until next season to pick out another pair of shoes, and I’ll be wary not to step in any puddles in this current pair.

At least I have a grieving period now to kiss my boots goodbye and welcome a new pair into my wardrobe.

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