Eating Healthy on a Tight Schedule

I want to eat healthier (and, to be honest, I need to). But I’m so busy with school that I find it really hard to make the time to go grocery shopping and cook and do all of that kind of stuff. The dining hall has some decent options, but I find myself eating near my off-campus apartment a lot, and I’m not talking about healthy options. What advice would the experts give someone who is trying to eat healthier, but feels like he just doesn’t have the time?


Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but it’s also not as difficult as it may sometimes seem. In truth, we can all do more to eat in a healthy way–even if we are pretty pressed for time. Here are a few tips that may help.


We live in a modern world, and we can use that to our advantage. Food delivery services have made take-out easier to order than ever, but similar services exist for grocery shopping. So consider ditching GrubHub for PeaPod once in a while and grabbing the food you need to cook or prepare a healthy meal.


Making a meal doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Check out the many cookbooks and online resources dedicated to quick healthy meals, and you’ll soon see that things aren’t as tough as they seem.


Those of us who don’t enjoy cooking can also make it a little less painful by doing it less often. “Meal prep”–short for “meal preparation,” of course–is a term that has come to mean preparing more food than you could eat in one sitting, then using it for several meals. Fans of meal prep may prepare a big batch of food on a Sunday and eat it throughout the week, though the schedule is, of course, up to you!


The team behind Muscle Up Meals, which provides meal prep los angeles, point out that you can also combine these two strategies. You can order ingredients for a big meal prep or order a series of pre-prepared meals to save time.


Keep snacking in mind, too. Snacking is when we’re least likely to make big efforts to prepare healthy foods, so stay one step ahead and stock your pantry and fridge with some healthy snacks. If you have the right foods in your home, you can use your laziness to help you make healthy decisions!


In short, there’s a lot that you can do to take control of your eating habits–even when your schedule is working against you.


“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” — Bethenny Frankel


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