Nov 22, 2019

Baseball podcasts. These are the ones that need your listening, and you need it!

Do you like baseball? Do you like podcasts? Well my friends, if you answered yes to those questions then do I have some great news for you!

See, I love baseball and I love writing about it. I also enjoy listening to other knowledgeable people talk about it, and that is where my two new friends come into play.

Recently while on Facebook, I just happened to come across a group called the Let’s Talk Baseball Podcast Network. And it is by far the best thing I have done on the Book in quite some time. I have met some great people and found two new podcast shows that I really enjoy listening to and you will to.

My boys Jake Robinson and Michael Franks run their own respective podcasts. Jake’s is The Jake Robinson Sports Experience. This dude is legit. He knows his baseball and he should! He has been around the game for around 50 years. He takes an outside the box and often irreverent look at all of the latest news coming from the Greatest Game in the World, baseball. And he does it weekly!

Michael’s, or as we call him Mikey, his podcast is The Grand Slam. It takes a close look at all of the stuff that you need to know to wreck your opponents in your fantasy baseball leagues. Trust me on this, Mikey knows what he is talking about.

Seriously, check these guys out, you won’t regret it and you won’t be lacking in great baseball podcast content either!

Others obviously like them too as they have been picked up by iTunes, iHeartRadio, Google Play and others.

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