Feb 24, 2020

Fresno State ASI elections kick off. Here’s who’s running

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Crowded into a room on the third floor of the library, 43 candidates attended the all-candidates meeting Wednesday night to officially begin their campaigns for the 2018 Associated Students Inc. student elections.

Election commissioner Ashon Haider and chief justice of the student court Travis Childress welcomed “The future of ASI” as the election codes and campaigning rules were reviewed.

After signing the proper release forms and acknowledgements, candidates were encouraged to begin campaigning. Those running for office are officially allowed to spread the word on social media and speak to campus groups and individuals to get support.

According to election rules, all candidate posters are required to be approved by ASI and there is a size limit for posters and motorized vehicles for campaigning are now allowed. The use of amplified sound systems for campaigning purposes is prohibited (unless the university gives permission).

There are also rules against creating one’s own polling station on election day and campaigning within 100 feet of a polling station.

An election violation form was included in the candidates’ packet, and they were reminded to keep each other accountable and report any violations. Campaigning will continue until voting opens online and on campus starting March 20 through March 22.

The ballot will also include a referendum on the “New Student Union” project, which seeks to install a new building on campus for student activities. Voting will be available online through a secure ballot website accessible through student emails or at a polling station on campus.

The Collegian will be covering the entire election in print, online and all social media platforms. The annual ASI-Collegian Presidential Debate is scheduled for March 16 in the USU Pavilion at 1 p.m.

The Collegian’s “ASI Elections Special Issue” will publish on March 7. Here are the following candidates in the running as of Feb. 21 according to ASI officials.:

President: Carter N. Pope II; Demi Wack; Corey A. Miracle; Sebastian K. Wenthe

Vice President of Finance: Davis M. Ward; Ben R. Warmerdam

Vice President of External Affairs: Diamond T. Morehead; Ryan J. Cherry; Nicholas M. Matoian; Primavera L. Martinez

Senator of the College of Arts & Humanities: Sal Solorio; Hunter E. Sansom

Senator of the Craig School of Business: Tej Pratap Singh; Alondra Salazar

Senator of the College of Health and Human Services: Nour Basharaheel

Senator for the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology: Jacqueline S. Taylor

Senator for the Kremen School of Education and Human Development: Alexandra Chavez

Senator for the Lyles College of Engineering: Michael K. Merzoian

Senator for the College of Science and Math: Lemuel Vince S. Rivera

Senator for the College of Social Sciences: Colleen E. Busby; Jasmine C. Pierson; Excel Espino

Senators-At-Large: Gina V. Gutierrez; Claire D. Copher; Elizabeth Rocha Zuniga; Marisa N. Chavez; Baltripat Singh; Bryce Johnson; Evangelia M. Pappas; Ramon Jimenez Ortega; Amber K. Malhi; Madison S. Milliorn; Christopher R.B. Rodriguez; Beverly Perez-Alvarez; Federico Madera; Holley A. Estep; Hisham A. Qutob; Ruby Muniz; Chloe K. Vanderzwaag; Elias J. Karam; Sarid A. Morales; Jordan V. Cody; Cam Patterson

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