Open house planned for Thursday at Veteran Services office

Inside the Veteran Services annex office at Fresno State. (Jorge Rodriguez/The Collegian)

The Fresno State Veterans Services Office has moved from the Joyal Administration Building to a bigger site in the McLane Hall Annex in an attempt to provide more space and better services to student veterans on campus.

An open house event is planned for Thursday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for anyone wishing to look inside the new offices.

At the annex, the veteran services staff will have individual offices to help veterans with their school certification and other paperwork.

There is also a common area with amenities like a microwave, mini fridge and a table with chairs for veterans wishing to relax between classes.

Representatives say the veteran services being provided at the annex trailer are expected to remain there for about a year, then the services will move back to Joyal where they will have a permanent space.

Cody Sedaño, a veterans affairs work study student and member of the Associated Students Inc., supported the move.

Cody Sedano, Fresno State student veteran and advocate for veteran resources. (Jorge Rodriguez/The Collegian)

“Moving was a challenge, but the whole campus came together and helped us out,” Sedaño said. “It’s been a slow process, but we’ll be up and running at the start of the semester.”

Sedaño said more space means the center can provide more one-on-one time with veterans. A full-service Veterans Resource Center was in the works with the Bold New U building project, but the project failed to pass a student vote.

After the vote, veterans services began looking for a larger space, and the administration started looking to hire another full-time certifying official.

The current location of the annex offices north of campus will also be home to veteran services coordinator Robyn Gutierrez and the new veterans advisor, Christy Gorden.

“I like the aspect of being centrally located on campus,” Gorden said. “Once they realize where we are and are familiar with coming in, it will be easy access for veterans.”

Sedaño said that even though he’ll miss being at the Joyal location, he still enjoys the new space.

“With this bigger space we’re hoping that the other student veteran organizations on campus can utilized our office more,” Sedaño said.

Gutierrez said the move back to Joyal within a year is expected to give student veterans a larger space that can accommodate them if they want to socialize or have meetings. 

“This space is for veteran students and dependents to come in and socialize,” Gutierrez said. “[Fresno State President Dr. Joseph] Castro and [Vice President for Student Affairs Frank] Llamas had told the veteran students in their forum that they will find or help them find a social space for them and this is what came out of it.”


The Veteran Services annex office are located north of the


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