Why these cruelty-free beauty products are my go-to

Heartspring lip balm. (Photo courtesy of Heartspring)

Some may think cruelty-free beauty products are expensive, don’t work well or smell funny. But, I am here to say, they are not any of those things.

You’ll rarely find me in Ulta or Sephora looking for makeup because a majority of their beauty products contain harmful chemicals such as polyethylene, petroleum distillates, sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens.

Some of those ingredients have been linked to hormonal destructions, reproductive and developmental disorders, according to helloglow.com.

Beauty products do not need to be tested on animals or have unpronounceable ingredients in them for them to be affordable, useful and effective.

I’ve used these products for a few years, and they have yet to fail me, and they have yet to break my bank account, as they are also economical.

Kiss My Face moisture shave

Why: The best part of the product besides its creamy, silky consistency: It lasts for months. Gone are the days of buying a can of shaving cream and it running out in a couple weeks.

The brand is completely natural, organic and never tests on animals.

One pump goes a long, long way. I’m talking shaving both of your legs with one pump.

The cream comes in seven scents, but the pomegranate grapefruit is my favorite.

Where you can buy it: On their website, kissmyface.com. Or the cost is about $7 at Whole Foods, but it can also be purchased at Lassen’s, Sprouts and some Target and Walmart locations in Fresno.

NOTO Botanics: Multi-Benne Tint Stick

Why: This stick can be used on your lips, eyelids and my favorite – cheeks.

I use this on the days when I don’t want to wear makeup, but my face needs a pop of color, or as the brand’s website puts it, “pop of natural flush.”

I circle the stick on my cheeks, purse my lips to accentuate my cheeks and massage the color in.

Where you can buy it: On their website, notobotanics.com, for $18.50.

Heartspring lip balm

Why: I started using this lip balm because I watch the reality show “Vanderpump Rules,” and a castmate on there has a podcast and featured her friend, Kristina Kelly, as a guest.

She talked about how she makes her own lip balm at her home in Venice, California, with all organic and ethically sourced products.

I decided to buy her lip balm on Etsy, and immediately fell in love with the cute drawstring bag it came in and how much love and detail that was obviously put into it.

Out of the four scents, I’ve tried the coconut and rose balm, as well as the lavender and honey.

My lips have never been softer, and there is nothing more pleasant than rubbing natural, mood-enhancing aromas on your lips in the morning and before bed.

Where you can buy it: One tube is sold for $6 on Kelly’s Etsy account, Heartspringco.

Pacifica Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic

Why: I use this tonic when I am too lazy to clean my face in the morning or before bed. I put a bit of it on a cotton ball and run it over my face. It’s that simple.

The scent is fresh, and it makes your skin feel firm and clean.

Not only does the tonic make you feel fresh and clean, but the packaging of the bottle is pretty with gold accents that will make your bathroom counter or shelf have a pop of color.

Where you can buy it: An 8-ounce bottle is sold on Pacifica’s website, pacificabeauty.com.

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