Have you seen the ‘incredible’ surprise Disney just put out?

‘Incredibles 2’ is scheduled to be in theaters on June 15, 2018. (YouTube)

My eyes lit up as I watched that lowercase “i”  turn into Roman numeral number “ii”.

And yes, it was totally “WICKED!”

The teaser to the trailer that is 13 years in the making finally graced all Disney media platforms this weekend.

“Incredibles 2,” the sequel to the beloved superhuman family movie, will be in theaters June 15, 2018, in 3D, according to information on the official Disney-Pixar YouTube account.

The video, all 52 seconds of it, gave me a rush of adrenaline I was not expecting. We see a “random baby” crawl onto our screen using his laser vision to change that iconic one-letter logo.

Then we get a quick shot of Mr. Incredible himself excited to see that his very own baby has superpowers.

But what are those powers exactly? – We get laser, thunder and flames all coming out of this toddler’s body.

I’m guessing his “official” power will be revealed in the film. I’m going to be completely honest, something happened to me that immediately aged me more than I ever wanted.

For a good few minutes, I was ready to congratulate the Parr family on its newest addition – baby number four.

But wait, this is no new baby.

It’s Jack Jack!

This most likely means the new film will resume exactly where we left off in the first one, which is pretty cool for the most part.

I’m not gonna lie, I was excited to see Dash go off to college, Violet get engaged and the Incredibles live as almost-retired parents with their one child left at home.

But this is Disney after all, which means that everything’s got to stay relatable to those second and third-graders for whom this franchise was originally intended.

But that’s far from what I think will be filling aisles of theatres next summer.

I and other “‘90s babies” will be flocking to theaters at midnight to see the film that left us with many questions throughout much of our adolescence.

It’s a moment we know that has been long overdue for those who are now almost-to-be college grads.

The comment section lit up with the requests of all children to stay out of theaters for that June weekend.

One thing I also realized is the fact that this is only a “teaser trailer.”

We have no character list, no storyline or even the slightest idea of how this movie will start off.

But if there’s anyone at Pixar who understands the importance of this sequel, they know that the infamous “Underminer” has to be the star villain of the next film.

(If you don’t know who that is, you deserve to lose your ticket to the midnight premiere.)

One thing I can say is that this moment is truly nostalgic and, wow, we’re getting old.

But I think Disney has something up its sleeves with this movie.

Would we have had the same affection for this comeback if it happened in 2006 or 2007?

I think the long wait is part of the hype for the sequel. It’s been over a decade, and our interest in this movie has exploded, probably even more so than when the first one came out.

Everyone at Disney knows what they’re doing, and I’m sure they won’t disappoint when we see those black-masked eyes pan our movie screens once again.


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