Mar 30, 2020
Students watch the movie “Elf,” during a pajama party in the Peters Business Building, to kick of Fresno State’s first-ever Day of Giving. (Daniel Avalos/The Collegian)

Dressed in cozy pajamas, students helped kick off university fundraiser

Dressed in their coziest pajamas, students and faculty kicked off the Day of Giving event on Wednesday. The massive fundraising drive, for the first time ever, asked the public to donate to Fresno State schools and programs digitally in a span of 24 hours.

Administrative Assistant for the Craig School of Business Lauren Butler said that the idea for the fundraising event came from the desire to inspire donors to give back to students and programs that may lack funding.

“We really wanted this to be a student-run, student-driven event because it’s for students,” Butler said. “Having something like this that is philanthropically-oriented and getting that message trickled down to our student population is important because when people give to Fresno State, they are really giving to our students.”

But before donations started pouring in Thursday, students went to the Peters Business Building dressed in everything from regular street clothes to pajamas – to even Halloween costumes.

Krispy Kreme donuts, coffee, candy, popcorn and soda were provided for free before a screening of the Christmas movie “Elf.”

Junior business finance major Anant Sharma said he thinks that the Day of Giving drive is important because money is always a necessity for students.

“Every little bit of help is a huge thing because as students, we need resources,” he said. “The better resources we have, eventually it raises our potential.”

Julian Espinosa, Junior business major with an option in computer information systems, says that having events like the Day of Giving are a good way for students to socialize while at the same time supporting a cause that will lead to improvements in the education of students.

“I’d love to see this campus develop and to see more opportunities to make friends and have a fun time and do stuff I wouldn’t normally do,” said Espinosa “I want to see Fresno State continue to excel in education and provide the best experience for students to learn and grow.”

The pajama party took place between 10 p.m. and midnight.

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