Temporary tattoos provide friendship bonds

Temporary tattoos available to students in the Baker Lobby at University Courtyard on Sept. 29, 2017 (Benjamin Cruz/The Collegian).

Many students stopped by a temporary tattoo parlor in the Baker Hall dormitory lobby last Friday to risk some ink in a way they wouldn’t regret the next morning.

Students had a chance to pick guilt-free temporary tattoos and make new friends at “Get Inked with Temporary Tattoos,” an event offered by the University Courtyard at Fresno State.

“This event is a socially active program for the University Courtyard,” said Cherokee Scrutts, assistant resident director. “Residents can come in and have some fun with temporary tattoos whether it’s SpongeBob, Spiderman, Batman or something like that.”

Scrutts said the event was very casual, and students were encouraged to take a moment to unwind and chill. Snacks were provided.

“The social programs are important for the residents in the University Courtyard so they can come down and interact with each other and be able to bond and create those friendships without having to awkwardly go out and do it themselves,” Scrutts said.

Dormitory mixers are a staple on any university. The challenge for organizers is finding new themes to entice the residents. A get-together based on temporary art was a novel experience for Scrutts.

“You got Pokémon, Spiderman, Batman and Star Wars. For fun you can decorate your hands and your arms. They’re a lot of fun,” Scrutts said.

Kayla Huaracha, a pre-nursing student, said the opportunity to meet people is nice.

“I like how there’s people, there’s friends and I don’t have some of these (tattoos) so it brought me back to my childhood. They provided snacks so that’s good,” Huaracha said.

Martha Reyes, a student, tagged along with her friend to the temporary tattooing station.

“I like the sticky tattoo, so it was kind of fun,” Reyes said. “I get to stamp on my friend and I get to choose cool tattoos.”

Carlli Pruitt, a linguistics major, stopped by with her friend to get temporary Pokémon tattoos.

The University Courtyard Facebook page has a calendar listing upcoming programs.

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