Dancing dreams come true

Sacramento Kings’ dancer and former ‘Dog, Mackenzie Domingues. Domingues will be making her debut Oct. 18 at the Kings’ season opener. (Mackenzie Domingues)

Former Bulldog Mackenzie Domingues is making her dreams come true this year with the Sacramento Kings’ dance team.

“This was my dream, and I was going to achieve it,” Domingues said. “When I set my heart to something, I do not like to let it get away.”

In the midst of an internship this summer at a public relations firm, Catalano Fenske & Associates, LLC in downtown Fresno, Domingues decided to take some time off to attend a Sacramento Kings’ audition.

“This was my second time auditioning [for the team], so I kind of had an idea of how the audition was going to go,” Domingues said. “But again, you never know what the judges are looking for this time around.”

In the two-day tryout, Domingues had to learn multiple routines from different genres as well as make up her own routine.

“It was very nerve-wracking because cuts are being made constantly,” Domingues said. “It was always a relief knowing I made it past that round.”

At the conclusion of Day 2, the women were told to step forward if their number was called.

“I was anxious and nervous,” Domingues said. “I didn’t know what to expect.”

Of the 40 girls who made it past Day 1, only 20 made the team. Domingues was one of them.

“When my number was called, my heart dropped, and in my head I could not help but think, ‘I did it,’” Domingues said. “I was finally accomplishing what I had always dreamed of – to dance professionally.”

Dancing by the age of 2, Domingues trained at many dance studios throughout Visalia. At first, it was her mom who pushed her. Then, she took it on herself.

“I continued to do it because I love getting to perform whether it is on a stage, field or court,” Domingues said.

By the age of 14, Domingues got involved in her high school’s dance program, In Motion. It was there when she first gave cheerleading a try.

“I really took to the sport because it was similar to dance but had elements that pushed my athletic abilities in different ways,” Domingues said.

After graduating from El Diamante High School in 2013, Domingues tried out for Fresno State’s dance team.

Knowing a couple of girls on the team, Domingues was comfortable showing all of her dancing capabilities. She was notified via email she made the team.

“All my greatest moments are from my first season,” Domingues said.

Those moments include the Fresno State football team winning the Mountain West championship with quarterback, Derek Carr, going to a bowl game and being selected to represent Fresno State in Las Vegas for the Mountain West tournament where the women’s basketball team was named champions.  

In 2015, Domingues parted ways from Fresno State’s dance team to dedicate more time to her sorority and future.

“Being a part of the Fresno State dance team was an unforgettable experience,” Domingues said. “From all the early-morning practices [to] band camp, football games, pregame performances and being on the sidelines with a record-setting team.”

Domingues earned her Bachelor of Science degree in recreation administration with an emphasis in commercial recreation and event planning when she graduated in May 2017 from Fresno State.

That summer, Domingues interned for the public relations firm. She was given the opportunity to work in the community with nonprofit organizations and businesses. But she knew bigger things, like her dream awaited.

“I would have continued on my work there if I did not [take that time to] pursue dancing immediately after college,” Domingues said.

Making the move to Sacramento, Domingues feels so lucky to represent the organization.

“[The dance team] is so involved with the community, and I get to see firsthand the impacts we have on these community members lives,” Domingues said. “I can already see how much we are appreciated.”

Domingues will perform at the Sacramento Kings’ season opener on Oct. 18.

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