‘It’s attractive. It’s bright.’ It’s the Victoria’s Secret PINK bus

The Victoria’s Secret PINK bus makes a stop at Fresno State on Oct. 2, 2017 as part of its college campus tour. The bus sold PINK products such as T-shirts, bras, water bottles, and phone cases (Alejandro Soto/The Collegian).

In Fresno, there are city buses, school buses, even tour buses. And briefly, there was a PINK bus.

The Victoria’s Secret PINK bus visited Fresno State on Monday as part of its college campus tour. Students lined up all day to enter the mobile store and get a taste of what the brand has to offer.

PINK bus manager Emily Capobianco said the bus is one of two that travels around the country to college campuses and opens up shop for the day.

“We go everywhere from Florida to California to Ohio, everywhere,” Capobianco said. “We have our campus reps; and they kind of do some kind of promotion; and then we have our shop open from about 10 [a.m.] to 4 [p.m.] with our regular core product, and then we have the campus line.”

The bus had several items for PINK lovers to enjoy: bras from the new Cool and Comfy line, clothes from the Fresno State collegiate line, water bottles, flip-flops, phone cases, hats and perfumes.

There were also sales available for the students: a free Fresno State hat with a purchase, 20 percent off one item of Fresno State gear, two bath bombs for $10 and all bras for $25 each.

“We just like to hit all the campuses, and we have a great network here with campus reps,” Capobianco said. “It’s a beautiful campus.”

Cindy Garzon, a senior majoring in fashion merchandising, works as a Fresno State PINK representative.

“It’s been pretty hectic,” Garzon said. “It’s a lot of work. It is really fun, but you have to actually get on top of your things, whether it’s doing a social media post or planning the events, making sure that they all go good and that people are happy.”

Garzon said that the PINK marketing team based in Ohio worked with the Fresno State campus licenser to coordinate the bus’s visit to campus.

“It’s pretty exciting because only two schools in California got chosen, and it’s the first time they’ve ever come to Fresno State,” she said.

Capobianco said the bus driver transports the bus to different campuses while she and other members of their team fly out to the tour locations.

“It’s a special, unique experience that you get to shop the PINK bus,” Capobianco said. “It doesn’t travel that often, and it’s not an everyday kind of thing that you see on your campus, so we try to get to as many campuses as we can to give students that opportunity.”

Freshmen Naimah Mohammed and Charlyne Learned waited for an hour in the line that stretched from the Memorial Garden to the edge of the University Student Union, but they said the wait was worth it.

“[The bus] was cute,” Mohammed said. “It’s attractive. It’s bright. It just makes you want to go.”

Learned said she heard about the bus through Facebook, and she liked the variety of items inside.

“It was something different on campus,” Learned said. “I feel like they should do things like this more often because girls love to shop, especially PINK.”

Sophomore Kaely Cullen said she waited 45 minutes in line for a peek inside the bus. She purchased a pair of black Fresno State athletic leggings.

“I know PINK just came out with a new collegiate Fresno State collection, so I wanted to go in and see if they had more stuff here than they did in store,” Cullen said. “They had different stuff than what I saw a month ago.”

Cullen said she likes to shop at PINK for its apparel as well as the signature panties.

“Whenever they have the seven for $28 underwear, I definitely swoop in on that,” she said. “I swear, I have over 40 pairs.”

Cullen said she was glad to see the bus on campus because it brought more attention to the college.

“I feel like Fresno State is kind of overshadowed by all the big universities like Cal, USC,” she said. “So I feel like them coming to Fresno is a big deal because we’re not seen a lot.”

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