Fresno Foodie: The Big Fresno Fair Edition

A Krispy Kreme chicken ice cream sandwich can be purchased for $12 at Chicken Charlie’s. (Alvaro Lozano/The Collegian)

Fairs have been widely known to be a haven for food adventurers. With the rise of social media and Instagrammable food, more than ever there is a race for food vendors to create the next best thing. In comes The Big Fresno Fair and their long list of food vendors with worthy foods to try. Here is a list of some of the new enticing items at The Big Fresno Fair, as well as a few fair classics.

Turkey Leg for $13 at Big Bubba’s BBQ

If you’ve ever wanted to have the main course of a Thanksgiving dinner on the go, then this giant turkey leg is for you. This fan favorite is one of the classic fair foods you can get.

A giant turkey leg, hot and ready to eat as soon as they hand it to you. Be sure to have a friend handy to help you eat because these things are no joke.

Pro tip: remember to grab extra napkins because you will need them. Your fingers and face will thank you.

Worth it?

Yes, if you’re the type of person who likes to eat savory meat right off the bone. This is really a (pardon the pun) bare-bones food item that fills you up, should you choose to buy it.

Bison Taco for $10 and S’Mores Fry Bread for $5 at Indian Fry Bread

Another Fresno favorite: the Indian taco. A large piece of frybread, with all the taco fixings, but this year, with a slight twist.

The bison taco is a normal taco with chunks of ground up bison on top. There is a reason these frybread tacos are such crowd pleasers ‒ they are flavorful and filling.

They can be shared with another person or they can be eaten solo, either way, they are satisfying.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, frybread is offered with a number of sweet toppings, such as the s’mores fry bread, topped with marshmallow fluff and chocolate syrup. It’s a simple mix that goes a long way.

Worth it?

Oh yeah. This place will keep people keep coming back, especially since it offers vegetarian items.

Eton Mess for $6.75 at The Gingerbread Shop

For those who want something more simple and not deep-fried, this item is for you.

This item includes fresh strawberries, raspberry puree, ice cream, crushed up madeline cookies and whipped cream.

The whole thing comes in a fancy looking cup, and the advertisement states that this was one of the dishes that was served at the Royal Wedding.

Well, if it’s good enough for William and Kate, then it’s good enough for me.

Worth it?

Yes. This item is perfect for sharing, and is delicious enough to satisfy the strongest of sweet tooths. It also makes you feel like royalty, which is a plus.

Nitro Cereal Treats for $7 at The Nitro Shack

I know you’ve seen them somewhere online ‒ puffed cereals that are mixed with liquid nitrogen to create a spooky smoky effect. Well, now you can try it.

The novelty of this item is that if eaten properly, you can exhale the smoke out of your nose like a dragon. Although, there is a small window for you to try because the moment you’re handed a styrofoam cup with the cereal in it, the nitrogen begins to escape.

Wait too long and what you’re left with is a cup of really cold cereal bites, which are tasty, but not worth the price.

Worth it?

No. Maybe as a novelty. I know that small children would get a real kick out of it, but for $7, you’re better off spending that money elsewhere.

Pink Champagne Gelato (two scoops) for $8 at Fabe’s Churro and Gelato

For those 21 and older, this is a treat that can’t be beat. This year, Fabe’s has whipped up something cold and refreshing that doesn’t need to be served in a fancy champagne glass.

The pink champagne gelato is a mix of champagne and bits of peach. This adult spin on a childhood classic is perfect when you want the best of both worlds.

Just make sure to get a wristband that shows you are of age to drink at any of the authorized stands throughout the fair if you want to pick up this tasty treat.

Worth it?

Yes. It’s delicious and everything a person of legal age could want in a gelato.

Krispy Kreme chicken ice cream sandwich for $12 at Chicken Charlie’s

Yes. That is a real thing. I am not joking. The fine folks at Chicken Charlie’s have outdone themselves this year with their latest exercise in excess.

A jelly-filled Krispy Kreme donut is cut in half while a scoop of vanilla ice cream is added, soon followed by a piping hot piece of fried chicken, then topped with the other half of the donut and covered in Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Listen. It’s good. I don’t know what else to say. It’s amazing the way the spices of the chicken are countered by the coolness and creaminess of the ice cream, and the way the sweetness of the jelly in the donut mixes with the savouriness of the chicken.

The sandwich is an experience, plain and simple. You can share this thing, but honestly, why would you want to?

Worth it?

Yes. Partly because it’s every bad decision you could make at a fair in one bite.

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