Aug 15, 2020
The e.l.f. Cosmetics display is located on the lower level of the Kennel Bookstore. (Selina Falcon/The Collegian)

Kennel Bookstore now selling cosmetics, looking to expand

It happens to students all the time: rushing around the house, making sure every textbook and homework assignment is accounted for. But as soon as you step foot on campus, you realize something was left behind.

If it’s a notebook, pens or a flash drive, the Kennel Bookstore at Fresno State has what students need. And now, if it’s your makeup, they have that oo.

The Kennel now offers e.l.f. Cosmetics beauty products for sale. The brand, which stands for “eyes, lips, face,” is known for its variety of products at a great price.

The Kennel Bookstore began offering beauty products from Boots Cosmetics a few semesters ago until the company decided to stop selling to the college market. Merchandise buyer Kim Spencer said she searched for a line selling to colleges.

“E.l.f. Cosmetics created a display that is specifically for the college market,” Spencer said. “I ordered the display to come in, and it’s done very well so far.”

The display, located on the lower level of the bookstore, includes products such as eyeliner, mascara, blush, highlighters and color-correcting concealers. The most popular products are lip glosses, eye makeup and makeup brushes, Spencer said.

“I think it has a lot to do with the price point,” she said. “e.l.f. Cosmetics is known to have a very low price point.  It starts at $1.29, so for a student on a student budget, $1.29 is a very good price point to start with.”

Junior Denise Ayala has been working at the Kennel since spring 2017, and she said that whenever she works downstairs. She sees students eyeing the makeup display.

The makeup on campus is convenient she said, “especially for people that live in the dorms and they don’t have cars. I mean, a ride to Walmart is a little far sometimes.”

Freshman Megan Pust, who lives at University Courtyard on campus, doesn’t have a car with her at Fresno State.

“I use Lyft and Uber all the time, and I waste so much money,” Pust said.

Whether they’re living in the dorms or off campus, students appreciate that the Kennel has something to offer.

“I live across the street, but you can still save a bit of gas not having to drive,” Ayala said. “[The bookstore has] a bit of everything.”

Pust said she uses a wide variety of makeup, including foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and her personal favorite‒highlighter.

“I used one of [e.l.f.’s] highlighters before, and I heard they have a good setting spray,” she said, noting how surprised she was to learn the Kennel was offering their merchandise. “I wouldn’t expect a school to sell makeup.”

Spencer said between 15 and 20 e.l.f. products are sold each day.

“I think that the cosmetic line that [e.l.f.] sent has just your basic mascaras and that kind of thing that you might need that you don’t have time to get,” she said.

In addition to makeup, Spencer is also searching for a line of skincare products.

“Boots did both makeup and they had a skincare line, so they did cleansers and creams and that type of stuff,” Spencer said. “I’m currently trying to find a vendor that will do that, that will kind of satisfy that need.”

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