Feb 24, 2020
Fresno State forward Myra Delgadillo (11) runs with the ball against UC Davis on Sept. 7, 2017 at the Soccer and Lacrosse Stadium. (Megan Trindad/ The Collegian)

Finding time for fun during an intense soccer season

Senior forward Myra Delgadillo is known for her toughness and passion in the game of soccer. However, it’s her love for jokes and pranks that makes her distinct.

“I’ll never forget the time we were doing a team meeting and we were trying to be serious and make sure everyone was focused,” Fresno State head coach Brian Zwaschka said. “[She] and her compadre, Maria Gomez, both went up to the board to diagram tactics, and they both had cowboy boots on for some reason. I have no idea why, but I’ll never forget it though.”

Delgadillo didn’t deny it. She thought it would be a fun joke.

Delgadillo thought “‘Let me just go to the team meeting and wear the cowboy boots to see what they’d say about it’.”

“I like to be the clown on the team,” she added.

Though student life and being a top player in the conference has its time constraints, Delgadillo still finds time to hide in her teammate’s truck.

“She stopped at a light and heard a noise so she started pressing the gas,” Delgadillo said. “She heard us laughing so she turned around and started screaming.”

She may be quiet at first but once comfortable, she opens up, Zwaschka said.

Along with jokes and playing soccer, Delgadillo is a big fan of the game.

“She loves Barcelona and Neymar,” assistant coach Sean Steele said. “We’re always texting back and forth with the latest updates on Barcelona and Neymar so I think soccer is something she enjoys.”

Delgadillo expects to score more goals, collect assists and continue the pranks as the Bulldogs fight for the top spot in the Mountain West.

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