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I read most employers do not feel that college students have the necessary job skills. What are they looking for?

Countless college students wonder about this as they approach graduation and recruiting. The job market is competitive and hiring the right talent is key to employers. According to a recent NACE survey, employers are looking for future leaders who can work as part of a team. Let us consider what skills make up a future leader.

Leadership skills are often developed in the workplace through training programs and team building courses. However, you should try to nurture these beforehand, while you are still at college. Employers will be actively seeking grads who can already demonstrate leadership skills and may even structure an interview around it. As many as 80% of recruiters look for evidence of leadership on candidates’ resumes, this is closely followed by teamwork and communication skills.

There are a number of attributes that make a good leader and delegation is right up there. Having the ability to pass on important tasks to team members and being confident in their abilities to carry them out is all part of being a leader. The key is being able to identify the strengths of those around you and capitalize on them. By finding out what each member finds enjoyable, you will learn where they are more likely to concentrate their effort and thought. These are the things you want to delegate for overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Communication skills are the third most desired by employers, as they are also an essential part of being a leader. Knowing what you want to accomplish is probably quite clear, but effectively communicating this to others can be a challenge. For online companies, the ability to communicate effectively in a team is critical. Web developers fit programs precisely together, like a puzzle. If you cannot relate what you need to your team, you will not all be working towards the same goal, explains developers at a coupon to pay website.

A positive attitude is another attribute organizations want to see in their new recruits. Being positive about work, projects and any situations that arise will enable you to motivate others. Motivation is a key component of leadership, team members will not be as willing to work if their leader is negative.

You will need to show creative thinking and the ability to solve problems. Some decisions will not be clear cut, so you may have to make them as you go along. As a leader, you will need to think outside the box and analyze all possible solutions, often quickly. In the field of high-tech manufacturing for example, customers are seeking innovative industry solutions to problems involving production, shipping, materials and cost efficiency. Organizations want to see that applicants can demonstrate good problem-solving skills, intuition, flexibility and initiative.

A strong work ethic and commitment is another highly valued attribute. A good manager should lead by example and be part of the team. Showing that hard work is done on all levels demonstrates your commitment and will earn the respect of those working with you. This is part of both being a team player and showing leadership capabilities.

These are the top few traits that you will need to demonstrate to set yourself above the rest when dealing with potential employers.

“If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves,” — Lane Kirkland.

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