Aug 07, 2020

The Fresno State lecturer investigated by the Secret Service is speaking out

Dr. Lars Maischak, the Fresno State lecturer who was investigated by the Secret Service and the FBI, has been allowed to keep a job at Fresno State.

After four months of silence, he recently spoke to The Collegian about the federal investigation sparked by tweets he posted in February. The messages were critical of President Donald Trump and of conservative politics.

Maishack provided his own side of the story that became nationally-known. The history lecturer discussed his own assessment of the situation and why he believes it gained so much scrutiny. He has apologized for his messages on Twitter and has since deleted his account. He told The Collegian the tweets were not meant to pose a threat to anyone. He said, in hindsight, the messages would not have been written online if he knew how to handle the social media account better.

Maischack was instructed not to return to campus to continue teaching his courses in the spring semester. Administration found a replacement for him and he did not return for the remainder of the school year. He kept a low profile as the Secret Service conducted its investigation. He did not share details of the investigation.

But speaking with editors of The Collegian, Maischak made bombshell accusations about Fresno State. He criticized the university for the way it responded to what he called attacks from far right media organizations.

The complete story will be published Aug. 23.

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