As semesters come and go, The Collegian always stays

As new students step foot on the Fresno State campus and transfer students are getting to experience a new college setting, one thing has remained the same throughout the years at the university.

The Collegian, a decades-old student newspaper, is here to serve the student population. As the editor in chief this semester, I hope for the free exchange of ideas on this campus.

We all come from different backgrounds and with a diverse set of life experiences – it’s inevitable that our ideas might clash at some points during a class discussion or a casual walk through the university.

And perhaps that is why The Collegian has been able to exist for so many years. It is now a 21st century multi-media platform for those ideas to be shared. It is a place to find the latest information on news and policies that impact students and faculty. And the population at Fresno State continues to grow. We are online and on social media, too.

As we get ready to embark on a new semester, keep The Collegian in mind. Go to it to be in the know of life on campus. Recommend it to your friends and professors.

We need the readership support of every student on campus. There is great value in staying informed and acting on informed decisions. Fresno State will hold elections or important meetings and run campaigns for numerous things. We are here to tell you about it.

There will be challenging information you read from The Collegian. So we welcome your opinions. Send us a letter if you feel compelled to share your thoughts with a wide audience. It’s in this way that we stay connected.

The Collegian has committed every semester to bring stories that matter to students. And it is committed to go to great lengths in order to bring the information to students.

Like interpersonal exchanges, The Collegian seeks to be there with you as you spend your days on this campus. We want to know what hurts you, what makes you happy and what angers you.

My goal for this semester as editor in chief is for students to make decisions and speak out after informing themselves with the information our reporters work hard to bring.

There are many things on this campus that require the attention of students. We at The Collegian hope we make you as aware of those things as we can. If we miss something, tell us.

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