Aug 13, 2020
Bad Suns performs at Strummer’s in Fresno on May 30. Photo/Selina Falcon

Bad Suns gives shining performance at Strummer’s

The last time Los-Angeles-based rock band Bad Suns played in Fresno, their crowd was small.

“The first time … we played to ten people and two stuffed cheeseburgers,” singer Chris Bowman said. “This feels good.”

The band returned to Fresno on Tuesday and performed in front of a sold out crowd at Strummer’s. Formed in 2012, Bad Suns consists of Bowman, bassist Gavin Bennett, drummer Miles Morris and guitarist Ray Libby.

Fresno was the opening night of their “Outskirts of Paradise Tour” and it was an impressive one.

Bad Suns took the stage about 10:30 p.m. and performed over an hour-long set, full of songs off of its debut album “Language & Perspective” and its sophomore album “Disappear Here.”

The crowd fed off of that energy brought onto the stage by the band members. They jumped and danced all night long. There was the feeling of one big sing-along that fueled the room’s feeling of excitement and appreciation for live music.

From the front of the room, to the very back, Bad Suns made everyone at Strummer’s excited about live music Tuesday night. I have a feeling these guys can return to Fresno and easily sell out another show.

You can find Bad Suns on Twitter and Instagram.

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