The perfect job lies just behind a Google search

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I took out student loans, so money is tight. Is there really a way to earn good money while in school?

Students have asked this question for generations. The answer for our generation is in front of you – the internet.

The available project work fills several categories. Working on your laptop, or using websites to get odd jobs, like driving or errands. Students report that they earn $10 to $25 per hour, depending on the project.

The best opportunity is getting someone to hire you. Let’s say a local store hires you to build a website. The money is better, but you have to put in the time to find the job. Since most of these are short-term projects, you spend a lot of time selling yourself and less getting paid.

You can go to numerous websites where you can start earning money quickly. The number one skill in demand is writing, according to bloggers watching trends in the industry. Consider what skills you have and what type of work suits you. Even an undergrad has marketable skills. Your best subjects enable you to tutor. Average computer skills of students surpass those of middle-age folks.

Here are some interesting opportunities on job boards and referral sites. Social media manager promoting deals and content online. Search engine reviewer to evaluate search results, for accuracy and usefulness. Freelance bloggers have been valuable for connecting to the college market, reveals cosmetics manufacturer webmaster.

The Avon lady now works online, so can you.

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