Displaying boldness for days to come

The years have flown past us, and the time has finally come.

After hours of studying for stressful tests, countless sleepless nights, and a cellphone’s memory full of unforgettable events we are now at the final stretch of the race to graduation – a moment upcoming graduates have been looking forward to since we stepped foot onto campus.

It is our time.

It will be our names that the faculty, department chairs, deans and the president will call next week.

It is our time to step onto the stage with a firm foot and our head held high because we have made it and we deserve it.

If there is one lesson to never forget after we receive our diplomas, it is the mantra of our Fresno State President Dr. Joseph Castro who has preached from his first day leading this award-winning institution to “Be Bold.”

I once asked Castro what the slogan meant during one of our interviews. His answer was something I will not forget.

He told me that it means to be strong, to follow our passion, to break down barriers, to never be scared in the face of adversity and always be true to ourselves. That was the message our president told me as a sophomore.

Be bold didn’t just mean success to him, it also includes the journey.

And a journey it has been, with all of the above and more. It has been a journey that prepared each and every one of the graduates to face “the real world,” as everyone calls it. A journey that has molded us into the leaders of tomorrow.

As The Collegian’s Editor-in-Chief, I have begun my journey as a leader early and now more than ever, appreciate the strong leaders of our community. From National Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera and former Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin to former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr and Fresno’s first female fire chief, Kerri L. Donis, Fresno State Bulldogs have a wealth of leaders in all areas of society from which to learn and grow.

During our final lap to graduation, let us not forget – just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole university to create a professional.

To President Castro and the rest of Fresno State administration, thank you for being role models and encouraging students to follow our dreams and to never be scared of failure. The support you have provided the The Collegian to encourage open and healthy communication within the student community is appreciated every day.

To faculty and staff: your never-ending lectures and pep talks have molded us into the professionals we hoped one day to be.

To family and the rest of the Fresno State community: your words and motivation are the reasons we have reached our goals.

To all: thank you for continuing the success of Fresno State and The Collegian.

As we prepare to shift our tassels to the left of our caps, and the memories we have created at Fresno State flood our minds, know that we are truly thankful for everything you have done for us.

To graduates: it is now your time to continue the Fresno State legacy – walk the stage, celebrate your triumph and continue to #BeBold.

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