Letter to the Editor: Disparaging article should bring shame for Collegian staffers

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter refers to an editorial featured in the Feb. 22, 2016 edition of The Collegian.

As a former student who earned his BA and MA at Fresno State, I wish to express my disgust to the staff of The Collegian, its faculty adviser(s) and the school for the disgusting sight seen on the local news this evening.

‘Sieg Heil’ written in approximation of a picture of our current president is an affront to all alumni and students at Fresno State. To believe that such an insult could be displayed as it was on the local news is despicable.

Oh, yes, what was the award for – did someone on the staff finally learn how to spell Collegian?

Has any of your staff been to Germany? If you knew anything about Germany history and the Nazi movement, you would know and realize that the Republican party and President Donald Trump do not represent those beliefs – certainly not as much as your naïve minds might wish.

I graduated in 1963 from Fresno State and returned, while I was working, to gain my master’s degree. Maybe I should explain the term “work” as that seems to be so greatly misunderstood in today’s world.

Where does anyone attending college in the United States feel emboldened enough to construct a student newspaper with a disparaging picture and statement of Donald Trump who was elected by the populace?* The Collegian staff should be ashamed of themselves!

You young folks will learn, possibly the hard way – that those politicians who espouse “free” education for all – that education is not free and should it be!

So, continue on with your “education.”  Enjoy your student loans and the time it will take to pay back those loans. The real education in your life will be when you venture out to find employment.

Hopefully you will learn sometime soon that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Trump was not elected by popular vote, he was elected President by the electoral college.

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