I got the music in me

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I planned to major in music since high school. My family is concerned about my financial future – and my student loans. What should I tell my parents?

The answer to this one surprised everyone, which is why we selected your question. Music performance ranks at the bottom of declared student majors. Statistics, however, shows these students rank higher in their class academically. How much higher? Take a look at the pool of applicants to med school. For biochemistry majors, 44 percent received admission. For music majors, that number rose to 66 percent.

Music majors have another advantage for job recruiting, according to the site Guitar Graph, for Guitar Instruction and Reviews. The skill set these students acquire includes teamwork, communication, self-discipline and problem-solving.

Unique to music is organizing and performing in public. This surpasses speaking in class, for learning how to deal with customers and the public.

Over half the grads in music find employment in creative, music-related fields. No other major has a higher percentage of grads finding jobs within their chosen field. The others readily enter banking, legal and consulting.

For music majors, it literally pays to march to the beat of a different drummer.

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