May 27, 2020
: Participants throw paint into the air during the Vintage Days Paint Party on campus Friday night, April 21, 2017. (Khone Saysamongdy/ The Collegian)

Dancing with a pop of color

For many college students, a music festival is just not an option. However, Vintage Days offered an alternative for students who like to dance the night away and while getting messy.

The Powder Paint Dance Party was one of the many events during Fresno State’s Vintage Days, on April 21. It was exclusive to only Fresno State students with a valid ID, and involved a raffle that students could enter to win a variety of gifts.

Julian Cisneros, also known as DJ Burns, played a mix of different styles of dance music throughout the night to soundtrack the main attraction of the event: the powder paint.

Packets of powdered paint were passed out during the night for students to throw at each other. Many students wore white to the event, so the paint could be seen more easily.

The dance party was organized by the special events committee for Vintage Days: Loryn Poulsen, a second-year business administration major, and Alexis Orozco, a second-year recreation administration major.

“[Vintage Days] started College Night last year and they did powder paint then too, but we wanted to make this year bigger and better and just to bring something fun to campus because this is what the people want right now,” Poulsen said. This event in particular has been in the works since the fall 2016 semester.

The combination of electrifying music, high-energy students and colorful paint-throwing created many picture perfect opportunities for students, who snapped photos and took videos of their colorful splotches during and after the party.

“We’re Fresno State students and we’re just trying to get active in the events and have some fun since the semester is almost over and finals are coming up, so it was a good idea [coming to the event,]” Alex Jacobo, a third-year communication major said. He and his friends were not able to go to Coachella, so they thought that this could make up for it.

Other students came to the dance party together as a part of a Vintage Days scavenger hunt.

“So there’s teams and we go and compete against each other and there’s things we have to get done [to] earn points,” La Vang, a third-year nursing major, said.

Ultimately, students came to the event to relax and celebrate the end of the semester.
Douglas Mulligan, a third-year psychology major, said, “It’s a good way to procrastinate on a paper that you need to write that’s due next week.”

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