Aug 07, 2020
Emma DenBesten, Claire Evangelho, Cady Calvert and Bryce Granata perform a improv comedy show (Eric Zamora / The Collegian)

Smittcamp comedy group raises money for Camp Kesem

Organ harvesters. Lacrosse-playing flounder experts. Thigh modelling. Stay-at-home fathers.

While these things may not seem like they have much in common, they were all topics covered in the improvisational comedy show by FLOCC, the Smittcamp improvisational comedy group, on Friday.

While the show was free, attendees were encouraged to make donations, with all proceeds going toward the Camp Kesem chapter at Fresno State. The group’s goal was to raise over $48,000 for the camp, which supports children whose parents have cancer or are cancer survivors.

FLOCC often collaborates with charity organizations for performances, much like the performance on March 17. Previous shows supported groups like the Bulldog Pantry.

The comedy group was created in fall of 2015 by Zac Emerzian, a third-year math and history major, because of the lack of improv comedy groups at Fresno State at the time.

“I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make one that would span all of campus and include every student,” Emerzian said. “But I still wanted to make something [so] that we could have shows, have fun and donate to any charity that we pretty much want to.”

Camp Kesem was chosen because many people involved in FLOCC are also a part of Camp Kesem, making it the “perfect fit” as a collaborator for the group.

During the show the cast members will play a variety of games. Each has a different set of rules, with aspects of the theme being set by the audience.

“I like Dr. Know-it-all,” said Bryce Granata, a FLOCC cast member and first-year biology major. “Because the doctor is divided among three people, all three have to equally contribute to something that we don’t know … and roll with whatever that is.”

During Dr. Know-it-all, four cast members come up to the stage, with one being an interviewer and the other three linking arms and having to answer questions about a topic in which they are supposedly an expert. Each member can only say one word at a time to form a sentence and answer the question. The audience decides the topic, which in this case was about flounders that play lacrosse.

Another game is Pocket Lines, in which audience members submit papers with one line that the cast members would then have to deliver at some point during a skit.

“My favorite to be in right now is Pocket Lines, just because it’s fun to see what the audience comes up with,” said Claire Evangelho, a FLOCC member and first-year recreation administration major.

Although the show lasted for almost two hours with a short intermission, the audience was fully involved throughout the night without losing energy.
Abbie Sanquist, a fourth-year mechanical engineering major said, “It’s so much fun because it keeps changing, so you don’t get bored.”

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