A ‘Bold New U’ shouldn’t take priority over diverse student needs

By Andrew Dadasovich

In the time of uncertainty for us all, we should not add a weight to the students of the future.

A new University Student Union is on the ballot in March, and this means that an increase to tuition is attached. When the CSU is already threatening to increase tuition on students, why double the increase on struggling students? A luxury tax on the poor will not help students, it will kill them.

Diversity is at risk of being lost at this university. Our tuition will be spent on a space for those who are privileged – i.e., Smittcamp students who pay little to no tuition every year. Associated Students Inc. and the USU board both are advocating for this increase in tuition while many of the members are Smittcamp recipients.

The administration is looking to solidify its legacy on campus with a fancy new building. All of this will be put on the backs of the students who work multiple jobs in order to pay tuition and scrape by.

When our growing population on campus is looking for an increase in professors who represent our demographics, the university seems to not be listening.

We need a diverse faculty, not a new gaming center. We need full-time staff, not new food options on campus. We do not need a new USU when we have a blank canvas in the Satellite Student Union. We do not need a tuition increase in our future.

This lapse in judgement cannot be copied onto the ASI elections when roughly 12 percent of the student population votes. Students don’t want a “home away from home,” they want an education.

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