Just another list book

(Selina Falcon/ The Collegian)

College years can be some of the best years in a person’s life.

Next to getting an education, the best thing about college is the memories made that can last long after walking across the stage at graduation.

“The College Bucket List” by Kourtney Jason and Darcy Pedersen tells students just how to make those memories.

The guide offers 101 “fun, unforgettable and maybe even life-changing things to do before graduation day.”

Initially, I was hesitant to pick up this book for the simple reason that I’ve seen this type of “how-to-bucket-list-book” geared toward college students more times than I can count.

Ironically, my least favorite thing about college is people trying to tell me how to enjoy my college experience. College is different for everyone.

However, “The College Bucket List” did have its ups. It didn’t completely impress me, but I can see how it might be valuable to an entering freshman who wants to make the absolute most out of his or her time in college, but doesn’t know where to start.

The bucket list is split into nine sections. A few tips include how to ignite your school spirit, another on what to post on social media and the other on things to not tell your parents.


I was surprised to find that I had done a good amount of the things listed on the bucket list in my three years as an undergrad, but I was even more surprised to find things listed that I hadn’t even considered doing and now can’t imagine not doing before I graduate. I now have a little over a year to get a psychic reading, go to a film festival and find a place to watch the sunrise.

The charm of “The College Bucket List” lies in its ability for the reader to flip to any page and begin crossing off things on the list.

Not every item is easy to conquer right then and there (go on an epic road trip, do a summer internship, learn to cook), but most are (start a blog, create a playlist of college jams, call your family), and that’s what I enjoyed most about this book—that it listed the small bucket list items you tend to not think about.

While it’s not the most impressive book I’ve read this year, overall “The College Bucket List” does a good job of guiding and giving ideas for creating memories during a student’s time in college. For that, I commend it.