Apr 09, 2020
(Marina McElwee/ The Collegian) Students bowl at the USU Bulldog Bowl Monday January 16.

Strikes, spares and syllabuses

The “to-do” list for the beginning of a new semester can seem never ending. Before tackling that list, students rolled into the USU Bulldog Bowl on Monday to enjoy the last day of winter break.

The special rate – two games of bowling for $3.50 and free shoe rentals – drew in more than 60 students.

Alissa Gonzoles, a sophomore athletic training student, came to the Bulldog Bowl to play pool and said she’s ready for the new semester.

“It’s my first time actually getting into my major [classes]. I’m looking forward to that,” Gonzoles said.

Brandon Hines, a fifth-year psychology student, and Garrett Wright, a fifth-year mechanical engineering student, were bowling when they said they are looking forward to their last semester as undergrad students.

“Definitely looking forward to graduating,” Hines said. “I’m so psyched for this last semester, but I haven’t really prepared at all. Just got some supplies.”

Wright enjoyed sleeping in over the winter break and said it’s going to be difficult to wake up early again.

“Trying to get back into the correct sleeping schedule and waking up extra early for the busy parking for my 8 a.m. class,” Wright said. “I like to stay up late, so that’s my biggest issue.”

Like Wright, Joseph Riel, a sophomore chemistry student, also plans on getting ahead of the parking frenzy this semester.

“If you drive to campus, it’s important to get your parking passes early and get that out of the way,” Riel said. “And try getting textbooks early too because some professors give quizzes early and you might not be prepared.”

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