Calm down those flyers with One Up Bands

You are at the gym. Nothing can stop you, you’re “all the way up” on the stairmaster. You are looking good in your fresh Nikes and your “Training for a marathon [on Netflix]” graphic tank top. You are ready to work, work, work, work, work.

Five minutes in and you are sweatin’. It’s okay, girl. I mean Beyonce wasn’t built in a day.

Not only are you drowning in perspiration and drenching your grey, fashionable tank in sweat, but your hair is sticking to your face because it is just dripping. Shouldn’t your headband be preventing that from happening, though? Well, maybe it could if it would just stop falling off.

I wore my baskeball-themed One Up Bands non-slip headband during one of my workouts, and nearly forgot it was even there until I started to check myself out in the mirror (yes, you do it too).

The headband stood the test of my hour-long session. After running on the elliptical and doing some weight-lifting, the headband had not moved. More impressively, I did not adjust it at all. Not one time.

Because of its ability to stay put though, the headband did leave a crease in my hair. Despite this downfall, I still highly recommend the product as it is both useful and fashionable.

Made in the U.S., One Up Bands are the perfect width and come in a variety of different colors and patterns. They also have an option to customize the headband to make it your own. Each headband has a non-slip grip perfect for any gender and any type of hair.

The non-slip headbands are officially licensed by the NCAA due to their comfortability and functionality. One Up Bands allow gym rats and athletes alike to focus on the task at hand instead of their hair and look stylish at the same time.

Jenna is on Twitter, @fsjennawilson

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