Shooting down rigid gun laws

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Proposition 63 is nothing more than a list of wishful, unrealistic expectations that impinge on the integrity of law-abiding citizens and does nothing to prevent violent acts carried out by criminals.

California citizens voted “yes” on Proposition 63 on Election Day. Beginning Jan. 1, a background check will be required to purchase ammunition possession of large-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds for future and current owners will be banned.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the California bureaucracy put this proposition on the ballot to decrease the number of violent acts committed with guns, but stricter gun laws are not the answer for preventing mass shootings.

Illegal behavior will not stop at the drop of Brown’s pen.

California will only find itself in more debt as billions of dollars will be allocated toward trying to come up with a process for monitoring ammunition sales. Implementing the law will be an insurmountable challenge.

A background check and a $50 fee are required to obtain an ammunition permit and have your name added to an electronic list created by the Department of Justice. How fast will the turnaround be on the background check? How quickly will names be added to the list?

Either way, the California government will be violating the Second Amendment by complicating the process of obtaining ammunition by gun aficionados and hunters who are huge contributors to the economy.

Proposition 63 is crossing the line, violating our coveted right to keep and bear arms as American citizens in a free state as written in the U.S. Constitution. Californians, however, have been dealing with infringement of our rights largely all of 2016, as far as gun control laws are concerned.

On July 1, Brown signed into law a ban on selling semiautomatic rifles and pistols with removable magazines that will go into effect on Dec. 31. Owners of semiautomatic rifles and pistols will be required to register their weapons with the California DOJ by 2018 and periodic inspections of those firearms will be conducted by law enforcement officials, as well.

Yes, you read that correctly. A ban and periodic inspections. A ban that does not infringe on the rights of current semiautomatic rifle and pistol owners, but one that will on future generations and thus a violation of our Constitutional rights. Periodic inspections do not promote a free state and are virtually useless in preventing violent acts.

These laws are just an excuse to take money from the pockets of law-abiding citizens who pride themselves on following laws to the T and enjoy going to the shooting range to shoot at targets in a safe facility. Meanwhile gang members and mass shooters get to run around with illegal firearms, stolen or bought on the black market, shooting whomever they please despite the law.

More laws are not the answer to cure gun violence in California.

However, there is much to be said about spending money to implement gun safety courses that can eliminate the fearfulness of guns and train citizens how to properly use firearms for self-defense or a fun day at the range. Not even a month later, it’s time for voters to take another shot at Proposition 63.

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