Christmas shopping on a student budget

With Christmas approaching, college students everywhere are scrounging up their loose change in attempts to pay for all of the gifts they still need to buy.

Considering students are notorious for not having enough money to buy themselves a proper meal, when it comes to Christmas buying, some of us have to get a little more crafty.

Because gift-giving, in general, is more about the thought behind what you are giving, perhaps a homemade or do it yourself (DIY) gift is a route you should try.

With that being said, your mom never did, and still doesn’t, want a “coupon book” with promised chores and hangouts that will never be fulfilled.

Perhaps a homemade body scrub made from brown sugar and lavender oil, all stored in a Mason jar, would be a wiser choice that will actually find some practical use. Not to mention, it will cost you around $10.

If you want to take the “homemade” aspect to a different level, even a homemade batch of cookies can be considered gift-giving material.

Begin by buying an inexpensive glass dish from HomeGoods or even Dollar Tree. Then buy your ingredients for the type of treat you’re baking based off of things the recipient likes.

A day before you will be handing the gift over, bake and place the goods on the dish, cover with Saran Wrap and finish with a bow.

Add a handwritten note with the ingredients/directions, say the dish is theirs to keep and you have just demonstrated how they can reuse it in the future.

If DIY’s aren’t really your thing, maybe visit a local thrift or antique store to give a gift that’s already been given.

Not only is it trendy and “vintage,” the cost of these unique finds will be significantly less than department store prices.

For a gal, you could buy a retro scarf, a beaded clutch or even a favorite vinyl.

For a guy, you could buy a vintage tie, a plaid button-up or an old wristwatch that has character. But buyer beware –  if you are purchasing clothes from a thrift store, make sure you’re positive on the sizing because they tend to have strict return policies.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, ultimately being thoughtful is the ticket to finding the perfect gift; and luckily for college students, thoughtfulness doesn’t cost much besides a little time and effort.

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