In praise of The Collegian’s coverage

USA's Katie Ledecky set an Olympic record in the 400-meter freestyle during the preliminary heats Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Brian Peterson/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS)

By Megan Hiett

Dear Editor,

I appreciate The Collegian’s intentional coverage of sexism and gender bias.

I am aware that mainstream media reinforces expectations that we assume are universal expressions of gender and these stereotypes often lead to discrimination. We already know biology alone does not doom one sex over the other to a more aggressive or docile fate.

It is very important that we approach big headline stories with an analytical eye; this is something The Collegian does exceptionally well.

Cultural pressure is a powerful influence on anyone’s thinking and behavior, as seen in how coverage of the Olympics often places more value on the achievements of male athletes over female athletes.

It’s important to approach news stories with the willingness to analyze what we hear and identify it accurately; remaining alert for stereotypes and sexism.

The Collegian shows how to identify subtleties of sexism and discrimination through the article “Coverage of the 2016 Olympics: the Sexist Edition” published on August 30 of this year. The article challenges readers to approach content with a “critical eye” by both identifying the complex nature of sexism and trends pointing to underlying stereotypes.

I appreciate that The Collegian approaches sensitive issues objectively in order to make readers aware. I would love to see even more examples of this style of journalism.


Megan Hiett

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