Dec 06, 2019
A booty tempura roll from local sushi joint 'Roll One For Mi' on October 29. ( Sam Mehrtash)

Fresno Foodie: They rolled one for ‘Mi’

What’s the hype?

I always love a good pun so a sushi restaurant named “Roll One For Mi” tempted me to try it out. The clever name holds up to its high standards. With a great patio, good service and quality sushi, I am a new fan of the local joint.

The restaurant was busy when I arrived, but the kind owner personally walked me and my friends to our table. I ordered the Booty Tempura that was made of spicy tuna, crab, shrimp, spicy mayo and avocado, all wrapped in white rice and a fried battered shell. I consumed the entire thing within 10 minutes. 

Where is it?

The restaurant is located off the corner of Cedar and Shepherd Avenue. It’s also next door to the ice creamery Marble Slab. Afterward I walked right over for a little dessert, as if the sushi didn’t fill me enough. The great patio they offer faces Cedar, so there were plenty of cars and people walking by to keep myself entertained.

What’s the cost?

After a beer, the sushi roll, tax and tip, I ended up paying about $25. The prices range according to what kind of roll you order, and just as at any other sushi restaurant: the better the fish, the higher the price. My roll was extremely filling and they didn’t skim on avocado which is respectable considering the high prices for the popular produce item.

A friend of mine ordered a side of chicken fried rice ($8.95) just to try it out, and the side alone was enough to serve three people. Even the beer was reasonably priced.

Worth it?

The price admittedly was higher than an average college student’s meal should cost. However, taking into consideration the quality of the food, the service and patio, I was sold. The patio for me was the highlight – consisting of cushioned seats that I could lounge in, overhead string lights and candles on each table.

The atmosphere was casual, inviting and perfect for friends to lounge at. I think I will find myself visiting Roll One For Mi more often to satisfy my ongoing sushi cravings and love for a good outdoor space.

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