Jul 04, 2020

Recreation Center: Out of order

Mario Cisneros
Special to The Collegian

I am currently a senior at Fresno State. I’m hoping this letter will help get my message out there, so President Castro can take action on the following issue.

I’ve been using the Student Recreation Center for a long time, but recently I’ve started noticing much of the equipment is out of order. This past week, I counted about 15 machines with an “out of order” sign.

It bothers me because we don’t have enough equipment for all who use the gym, and now that all those machines are not available, it makes it really hard for students to get a good workout in the limited time we have with school and work.

I am not asking for new equipment. All I would want is for whomever is in charge of the Student Recreation Center to get someone to fix those machines.

It would be awesome if they could also add a couple of bench press machines as well. This is because currently there are only two, which makes it really hard, especially for us guys, to work out our chest when there are three or four other guys trying to bench press as well.

I hope that we can get the equipment fixed as soon as possible.

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