Meet the Coach: Anthony Randall, Swimming & Diving

Swimming & Diving assistant coach Anthony Randall (Brooke Rodriguez/The Collegian)

Anthony Randall is the new assistant swimming coach of the Fresno State women’s swimming and diving team. Before, he was the associate head swimming coach at the University of Rhode Island.

BR: What’s your favorite thing about swimming and coaching?

AR: My favorite thing about swimming is that you only get what you put in. There is no substitution for hard work. To drop something even so small as a tenth of a second in an event can take months, years or even a lifetime, but when it happens all of the obstacles that were in the way seem irrelevant. My favorite thing about coaching is the interaction with the athletes. Having to find what it is that motivates each athlete individually makes each day different and a new challenge. I coach because I enjoy working with an athlete day in and day out pushing them past what they thought was possible.

BR: Why do you coach?

AR: I coach because every day is different, and I never feel as though I’m going to work. I genuinely love the opportunity I have to take athletes out of their comfort zone to help them reach the impossible. I hope to have the impact on the athletes I coach that my coaches had on me, which gave me the courage to go for my dreams and goals.

BR: What brought you to Fresno State?

AR: After speaking with Jeanne [Fleck, head coach] and hearing about her vision for the program moving forward and having a presence on the biggest stages, I was impressed, and it was something I wanted to be a part of. Also, the support that Fresno State provides for its athletes allows the opportunity to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

BR: What about the adjustment to the West Coast and a new city?

AR: It has been an easy adjustment, as coaching in the sunshine makes coaching seem that much easier. Everyone has been really helpful and supportive, which made the transition from Rhode Island very seamless.

BR: What do you hope to bring to the team?

AR: I hope to bring to the team a daily motivation to continue to improve. My specialty has been the breaststroke and sprint events, but I look forward to the opportunity to extend my focus to other events. My success came from my keen detail to technique.

BR: How did you get started in coaching?

AR: I began coaching in swimming when I was a collegiate swimmer [at the University of Rhode Island]. I was the swimmer who always questioned why we did certain things in practice, which led me to always look for ways to improve or think outside the box. It was after graduation, pursuing public relations while working for Fashion Week, that I would wake and always check swimming blogs/websites that I knew I had a passion for coaching.

BR: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

AR: In five years, I see myself still doing what I love, which is coaching swimming.

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